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Time Based Action - GIF's (4.1 update)



  • Official comment
    Rafael Becerra

    Hi Chris!

    Rafael here from the Accessibility and UX/UI team, we've decided to leave this behavior to show the color site instead of a frame image from the mentioned GIF due solely to performance. Currently there are a couple of libraries that controls this type of functionality but that are being deprecated by their owners and from security perspective we can't add those. Now talking about the performance, creating a frame image for each GIF that could exist in a site, will create an overload in the server storing all of those images and hence a performance issue.

    We will continue working on this and creating new ideas from the team to have the best possible outcome for every user.

    Thank you for your suggestions and comments about the newest release.

  • Stephen Ladek

    Thank you for the suggestion, Chris!

  • Chris Laverdure

    Thanks for the explanation, Rafael!

    It's a shame it can't be added but I understand the performance implications.



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