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SCORM and second attempts



  • Greg Bird

    Lifecycle management of annual refreshers etc. can be tricky.   

    I assume that the dashboard you are referring to is reporting on either course completion or activity completion?    If so, then yes, once you have met the completion requirements they are already 'complete' and so subsequent attempts are ignored.

    There are a number of approaches I have seen, all of which are imperfect.   Each would need to be tested within your own context for its viability.

    1. Make annual copies of those courses that require refreshers.   Hide the old course and enrol refresher users in the new course.   This is only viable if the course has a fixed start and end date - it is not well suited for rolling enrolment.
    2. Unernrol users, then re-enrol them (without restoring course data).   This effectively resets their previous attempts
    3. Create your own custom reports and dashboards that report on the last passing attempt, rather than the first.  This gets more and more complicated the more types of activities that could contribute to completions (eg SCORM + Quiz + H5P + ....) as you need to join and query multiple tables
  • Bridgid Johnston

    Thanks Greg for your response.  

    It looks like I will have to change the way I set up the courses from a rolling 12 month refresher to a set date.  I was hoping to avoid this, but it looks like its possibly the only solution.

    Appreciate you sharing your knowledge.



  • Carly Edwards

    We use certifications for these types of recurring training to reset the course so that it allows users to retake and keep a historical track of their completions. 


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