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    Cristian Duque

    Another great observation, Josh! I checked with the team, we will be discussing this issue further as it has many ramifications. But for now I can tell you that:

    1. We do have an SEO process in place and team members leading this. Any changes in behavior we want to get out of Google may take days or weeks to reflect.
    2. A preliminary traffic analysis for the platform did not reveal a significant number of users coming from search engines. This in no way means we're ignoring the few who might find it useful. Just that we could not prioritize it before.
    3. We have run into limitations regarding the SEO capabilities of this platform. (This includes, among other things, the ability to create short URLs, which they discontinued)

    We're looking to see if more users report similar issues to get a better view of the situation and the ways to address them.

    Thank you so much for flagging this, Josh. You and everyone, keep 'em coming!

  • Josh Manders

    Absolutely. I figured some of this was on peoples radar already. Deadlinks = the bane of many a webmaster. Having just had my own battles with google, the tools exist to pull outdated content but tread lightly or you'll inadvertently block yourself from being indexed at all 😉


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