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How to allow students to re-attempt questions they have partially or totally answered incorrectly



  • Stephen Ladek

    Credit (Andy Braden): Each attempt builds on the last should do that for you.

  • Greg Bird

    Each attempt builds on the last gets you some of the way, but still has issues.    A student can see their previous attempt, but they still see every question (including those they got right) and they are not prevented from reattempting questions they got right on the first attempt and getting them wrong on the second attempt.

    I have been working on a JS hack, to hide correct questions on subsequent attempts.   It is completely unsupported (by Moodle or by me), so here-be-dragons, but you can look to the codebase here if you are curious:



    It builds on the work of Dominiwue Bauer, shown in this thread: 

    Moodle in English: Reattempt only incorrect questions




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