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Exporting course outcomes


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  • Stephen Ladek

    Credit (Greg Bird): I am not a user of outcomes, sorry. Whilst I've done some small-scale pilots, they have always for me been a solution waiting for a problem - I just haven't had that problem yet.

    I know how to import outcomes at a course level, via CSV (as documented here I am not aware whether they can be applied site-wide.

    Outcomes have some level of functional overlap with Competencies (

    Competencies provide a richer function-set and can be site-wide. They can be hierarchal, so you can have competencies that build to a skillset. These can then be connected to learning plans, so that students can track their acquisition of competencies.

    Perhaps they may prove a viable alternative? Competencies also have a Web Services API, so you could use this to create your hierarchy.


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