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Settings for a class that a student cannot find



  • Stephen Ladek

    Credit (Greg Bird): Is it possible that course is hidden, or has some other restrictions on it - eg that you are using enrolment start dates and this date has not been reached yet?

  • Stephen Ladek

    Credit (Trey Ogle): The course dates are correct, that’s where thought the problem was as well, even compared to another course that is showing and they’re correct and enabled.

  • Stephen Ladek

    Credit (Greg Bird): 

    There is a similar, but different concept called Enrollment Start date, which is tied to the individual's enrolment into the course. It is technically possible to have different students with different start dates enrolled in the same course (eg in the case of rolling enrolments)

    1. Go to participants
    2. Ensure that the student in question is enrolled, and that they have the correct role (eg student)
    3. Click on the cog symbol next to the students name
    4. Check the "enrolment starts" field. Ensure it is accurate and is not set for a future date

    The other things that can accfet things are enrolment methods, and PLDS rules, but these are more sophisticated. Worth crossing off the low hanging fruit first


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