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Character limit for Advanced Grader Checklist


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  • Stephen Ladek

    Credit (Andy Braden): Hmm I hadn't really thought about that limit in quite a long time, had to go check it out. I can pass along a request to allow more characters in there. I think the thinking was to limit the complexity to keep the form manageable in size for display, but we should think about changing that up.

    Also take a look at the Marking guide/Grading guide approach. It is not the same as the checklist in the way it approaches grades, as the marker assigns a value to the grade for each criteria. However it does have unlimited space in the text fields to allow for complex descriptions to be shared with the learner and different information to be shared with the grader. The frequent comments also allow for long responses. It can get a bit unwieldy based on the size but it does provide for very lengthy examples and details in the grading workflow and for examples for grading judgements to be shared with just the grader.


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