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New activity cards design and functionalities

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    Rafael Becerra

    Hi Tanya,

    This happens while entering the preview when the quiz close date is after the current date. This is not an access restriction. If this is happening in more than one quiz you may need to check those close dates for the quizzes in your site.

  • Tanya Allan

    thanks Rafael, we have a message "you can preview this quiz but if this were a real attempt, you would be blocked because .... (see screenshot below) start to appear in our moodle site. Is this as a result of a recent MP?

    cheers Tanya

  • Tanya Allan

    thanks Rafael, however there is no close date on this quiz - or as an override.

  • Tanya Allan

    hi Rafael, do you need me to submit a support ticket for my previous question?

    Also I note the article also states "As a last improvement for this release, there is a new enhancement with the Page activity one the resource can be opened inside the same course page and not being redirected to a new one, a chevron icon will be displayed below the page content/description and will work as the old close button."

    We don't have the chevron icon displayed so the content can be expanded to read in the same window (on main course page).  We also don't (nor do I remember previously having) a 'close' button option for a page.

    Did this feature update in the MP?

  • Rafael Becerra

    Hi Tanya

    Yes, I think it would be better to submit a support ticket, so the support team can take care of the issue and give to you a proper help.

    About the icon, this is going to be further improved and launched for the next release 4.1 MP5 late April. The close button appearing, was dependent of a setting in Snap to configure the activity, in order to open the page content in the same course view instead of in a separate view. By default Snap currently have the same behavior as in Boost to open that information in a new page. For the next release i've mentioned, this setting is going to be removed, and Snap will have the chevron icon plus the option to open the activity in a new page clicking in the activity title.

  • Shaun Boyd

    Hello Rafael,

    It would have been great if all of these changes were communicated better in the Open LMS EDU 4.1 Maintenance Pack 5 update release notes.

    The changes that have been made to the UX/UI of the cards in SNAP is significant and was only afforded less than 20 seconds of note in the YouTube highlights clip.

    There was no mention of it AT ALL in the release notes for the MP5 update and I think that this is a massive oversight on the part of OpenLMS. This is not a minor change in the UX and should have been included in a major upgrade like the 4.3 one that is scheduled for July. Why was it packaged in a maintenance pack release is baffling.

    The ability to now move activities individually and not en masse as has been the UX with SNAP up until this MP5 update, is also a major step backwards for the SNAP theme. Again something not noted AT ALL in any of the release notes from this update.

    These are significant changes and should be made quite clear to users. Not hidden in 20 second clips on Youtube.



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