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Snap settings enhancement - New design




  • Official comment
    Rafael Becerra

    Thank you Paula for the thoughts and feedback on these. A couple of questions, 

    • When you say to use a course picture to open an activity, what is exactly your thoughts here? To be able to upload an image as a activity card header and act as a title, so the user can open the activity itself through the image?
    • And with the directional buttons are you referring to these ones? Or inside the course topic?

    We'll take these ideas into our team to look for further improvements. We're aiming to have new enhancements in Snap for each new release, this time for mp4 and mp5 we're having new looks for Activity cards and Snap feeds block drawer, for example,

    Thanks again.


  • Paula Thrall

    Hi, thanks for opening this up for discussion. I would like to see SCORM activities have a more eye-catching button to click on for opening. Couldn't a course picture be used instead? Same with almost all the other activity links. And we need better directional button option when linking from activity to activity.  I've had to manually create these myself for our users who have no idea how to get from one module to the next. Snap needs a tune-up! Thanks!



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