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Installing a Moodle Plugin



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    Cristian Duque

    Dear friend,

    For security reasons, not every Moodle™ plugin you see will be available in your site.

    Our engineers perform a review of every plugin that our customers can use. In this page you can see the list of every plugin that is available:

    If you are interested in installing a plugin, just submit a ticket and you'll have it ready to run in short notice.

    If the plugins you wish to install are not on the list, you may post on the "Feedback and Suggestions" section of this Community. You can also request a plugin review at an extra cost.

    I hope this helps! Which plugin or plugins are you looking to install in your site?

  • Liselotte Strarup Nielsen

    Thanks Christian,

    Like most educational institutions we are currently looking into AI and the use of AI in learning. Do OpenLMS have any plans on adding an AI-plugin like the Moodle block OpenAI-chat to the plugin matrix?

    I know we can add external tools with LTI but it would be nice to know if there is any new tools in the pipeline.

    Liselotte Strarup Nielsen
    Copenhagen Business Academy

  • Cristian Duque

    Dear Liselotte,

    The OpenAI Chat Block is already part of the plugin Matrix. Please reach out to a Customer Support professional to assist you in enabling it in your system.

    And Happy New Year's!

  • Liselotte Strarup Nielsen

    Thanks Christian.

    Thats great news!

    Happy new year.



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