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Using Groups for Accommodations



  • Official comment
    Cristian Duque

    Hi RuthAnn,

    We're discussing this internally and there are alternatives to configure the assignments so the students see the total points they can earn. It is also critical that to make sure equal access is provided in a way that does not single out any students and protects their privacy. Please submit a ticket so one of our agents can assist you.

  • RuthAnn Frederick

    Thank you so much. We've discussed using overrides, but when overriding Respondus, students must enter a code, and that is not done in a way that a screen reader easily supports for a blind student. We used the groups invisibly to keep students from the two groups from seeing that this student is in a group of her own for accommodations. I have hidden the total points for the course, but I'd rather not do that since students are accustomed to seeing the points earned over the possible points in their other classes. I'm eagerly waiting to hear your thoughts after your discussion.

  • Cristian Duque

    Hi RuthAnn, I strongly recommend you submit a ticket so our team can look into the specifics of the case and work with you directly, as there might be legal or regulatory ramifications that make this public forum inappropriate for discussing your issue.


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