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Looking for a no-cost or low-cost solution for educators to easily record video and insert it to moodle.



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    Cristian Duque

    Hi Johnny,

    This is a very interesting question. We hope some of our clients can share some experiences.

    From our side, we can tell you that:

    • You probably know the usual suspects: Kaltura, Panopto, Warpwire. They are all similarly priced and featured. There's also Muvi with an unlimited hosting plan but we don't know of anyone using it.
    • Open Source tools, like Opencast or Kaltura's free tier can help you manage and even optimize video size, but you still need to procure your own hosting
    • If the YouTube process is too tiresome, there's ways to optimize and automate at least part of it with tools like Zapier. From the YouTube mobile app you can record directly and stream live. (You might want to check out Vimeo too if you haven't before)

    How do your teachers usually capture their lectures? We'd appreciate it if you share more details, and if you settle on a solution we'd really love to know!

  • Johnny Wilson

    Hi Cristian, thank you for your response and my apologies for the delay.

    Because a lot of our teachers aren't very confident with technology (yet have amazing strengths in their respective fields), they tend to stick with 'what they know' and make really good, creative use of it! ...

    Thus, for the most they simply use Zoom in a 'solo session' to record their 'online lesson / tutorial' (complete with video clips, presentations, virtual whiteboard, etc; courtesy of screen-share) which saves it as an MP4. They then upload the MP4 to Youtube as an 'unlisted video' and paste the resulting youtube link into their course page  -  Done!  👍

    (i.e. 1. Record a video with Zoom, 2. Upload to Youtube, 3. Paste link on course   -  Done!  👍) 

    The fact that Moodle automatically embeds youtube videos onto a course page gives it a nice touch, as the students view the lesson / tutorial inline on the course page, rather than having to click a link.

    Whilst far from perfect, for-the-most this is a good zero-cost solution.

    This solution also has no data limitations (nor cost) for ongoing storage, so is very much 'record and forget'! This is favourable with our Teachers' work-habits as it eliminates the need for them to go through and delete old videos to clear up space (which is usually required when using a paid host), as that in itself is another challenge all together! 


    Unfortunately, the problem that I've discovered is that this process is just too involved for our least-tech-savvy teachers, creating disparity in the student-experience between courses.. hence why I'm very interested in exploring possible ways that I can make this easier for them, without the horrendous price-tag that comes with the usual suspects.

    Thank you.




  • Johnny Wilson

    Thanks Lousie, Poodll certainly is a fraction of the cost of some of the other solutions;  I'll look into it further.

    Hope you're having a lovely day,



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