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Blocks around certain activity and resoures



  • Rafael Becerra

    Hi Liam!

    You are referring to the colored block that is around the icon? If that is the chase those icons are specific designed for Snap and can not be removed, for the contrary if you are referring to the top border color and the grey border, you can hide them through custom css pointing to the <li> element that represents the activity.

  • Liam Goldfinch

    Thanks, can you tell me exactly what to put in the custom css?

  • Rafael Becerra

    If you want to completely remove the grey border and/or the top border color from an activity in a course, you'll need to put something like this at /admin/settings.php?section=themesettingsnap,

    .course-content .section li.snap-activity {
    border: none;

    And you will have something like the first activity, compared to a one with a border.

    Please be careful, the class from the <li> element will depend on your settings for Snap activities, if they are displayed as a list or as a card and if the activity is a resource or not.


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